Covid-19 Pandemic. A world-wide, distressing and critical event.
Every one of us shall rely on their sense of civil responsibility and actively contribute to preventing the spreading of this invisible enemy.
An increase of the existing safety standard is fundamental to ensure a tranquil development of the activities for everybody. The shopkeeper, the employer, the employees, and the clients should be able to access places where the spreading of the virus was avoided with every possible effort.
The indication of a fever-related symptom is one of the most important factors to consider when applying a diligent and efficient prevention policy.
Therefore, one needs to be equipped with an instrument that is simple, efficient, adaptable to any architectural/logistic condition and ready for use.
CESAF S.R.L together with C.M. SOLUTIONS  have the perfect solution for you: THERMO ACCESS The crucial device for the battle against Covid-19, the appropriate device for the common protection.
In 2014, Pol experiences in first person the horrible Ebola pandemic, the terrible viral disease that stroke Liberia and other Countries of West Africa.  Andrea Minozzi, Manager of C.M. Solutions srl back then was working with Pol on a number of important projects to be completed in Monrovia (the capital of Liberia), and he felt that same anguish.
Businessmen but also friends, they faced a number of challenges in their life and business as well. For this reason they stood out in front of the spreading of the -19 emergency and they understood they could give their contribution in preventing and limiting the spreading.
With the memory of the distress experienced in that period Pol and Minozzi thought about what they could do to limit the anxiety and agitation they felt and that it is now all around them.  Hence, well aware that prevention is fundamental in our battle to go back to normality, they designed THERMO ACCESS, a system to measure the body temperature to be used in public places and they are convinced that such device can be extremely useful during Phase 2 of Covid-19.
In fact, the device measures the body temperature with medical precision.  It is pre-configured and it allows to measure the temperature of adults but also of children and people on the wheelchair. THERMO ACCESS is  designed to be ready for use in 5 minutes, without the help of any technicians during installation to respect the users’ privacy.
Additionally, THERMO ACCESS counts people entering the area and thanks to an optional base support with button, it allows to set and manage, the maximum number of people in the room at the same time. Upon configuration, the device can control the opening of accesses, turnstiles and automated doors. The badge identification system (RFID) allows to store the biometric data in the company's administrative software.  Thanks to a  powerful PLC, the system can register and handle all the data collected coherently with the programming; the images can be saved or destroyed. There is also the possibility of the provision of an optional sanitizer gel dispenser.  Finally, the assistance or the maintenance of THERMO ACCESS can be done through remote support with a dedicated web access.
It is a Plug & Play technology and is available in 4 versions that can meet all needs such as greater control or a limited space for its positioning.
How it works?
It is simple: the user's face is framed by the camera and shown on the monitor, which will show the correct positioning of the face with green, or alternatively, its wrong positioning with red. The system is configured according to the “Shared Protocol for the regulation of the measures to combat and limit the spreading of Covid-19 in the workplaces- March 14, 2020” and subsequent additions and it is set at 37,5°C (settable). At the end of the procedure, the monitor will show whether it is possible to access the area or not.
The large scale production of THERMO ACCESS will start on May 4.

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