Would you like to develop your business in West Africa?

Thanks to a well-established and flawless procedure, Cesaf is the right player to sell your product and services in West Africa. Sign an export contract (Cesaf Method) and you’ll be able to easily expand your business. Cesaf will put at your disposal all the knowledge accrued in years of field work to facilitate your entry into the African market, without risks and in complete safety. From logistic, administrative export and customs clearance procedures to the supplying of local work teams. Our divisions are always ready to guarantee the highest quality and manage every kind of criticality: from procurement to technical issues, from logistics to legal advice.

Do you work in these fields?

  • architectural design
  • structural plant engineering
  • construction works
  • flooring and coverings
  • electrical installations
  • water and sanitary systems
  • heating and cooling systems
  • operation and control technological systems
  • doors and windows
  • furnishings and accessories

Even if your company works in a sector different from those listed above, contact us anyway! We will able to satisfy your needs as well.

We will introduce your company in a well-known context for us, by avoiding an expensive scouting process and relating you only with entrenched realities, facilitating your entry in the African market. In this way, you’ll immediately be able to optimize your sales processes, saving resources and energy with tranquillity and confidence, certain that you will fulfil your goals within the set schedule.

Would you like to know more about the Cesaf Method?

Call +390438 564359 or write to info@cesafsrl.net.

We well make ourselves completely available.