As it is tradition for 32 years, in Arfanta, part of the Municipality of Tarzo, in these days the village festival of San Bartolomeo, patron saint of the town, is taking place. The celebrations, which started on August 17th, will end on Sunday 25th.
As part of the event, on Sunday 18th the non-competitive march on courses of 6, 12 and 18 Km was held, now in its 12th edition, to which CESAF wanted to give its support, becoming its sponsor.
The company, with its contribution, wanted to support the Parish Church and the Arfanta recreational group, dedicated to the organization of this running event (with the patronage of the Municipality of Tarzo) aimed at bringing together - in the spirit of friendship - all those who want to carry out motorial, sports and recreational outdoor activities and strengthen the love for nature and environment.
Beautiful day with sun and cloud-free sky. Temperature around 25 ° C. At 8.30am, at the church of the village, the start! Several the participants in the march, who were able to "enjoy" postcard views, among vineyards and steep slopes. After a walk of over 3 hours, the runners were able to refresh themselves at the food and wine stand of the festival.
CESAF has always been sensitive to this type of event, not only effective to promote the area (both from a naturalistic and cultural point of view), but also to sensitize the participants not to pollute the environment, so dear to our society.