A great start off after the summer break! We have in fact recently signed the contract for the construction of the new maintenance hangar for the Mission Aviation Fellowship - located in the central area of the Liberian capital, Monrovia, in the Springs Airfield.
The work involves the construction of a reinforced concrete slab, which will host a two-storey prefabricated hangar, flanked by an office block (whose load-bearing structure will be made of concrete) and a generator room; in front of the hangar, will be built a maneuvering yard. Needless to point out that among our staff there are technicians specialized in civil works and in the assembly of large metal structures (such as, precisely, the structure of the hangar object of this project) - the works we realize are always entrusted to experts hands, certain of an excellent final result!
This project will allow MAF a better management of its aircraft fleet and equipment in general, making a significant contribution to reducing the time needed to reach the most remote areas of Liberia and West Africa; just think - for example - in case of natural disasters or urgent medical assistance. All aspects of a single large project that aims to advance local communities.
We are proud to be able to give our own contribution to sustainable projects like these; we can't wait to get our hands on it!