The construction works of the new hangar at the Mission Aviation Fellowship continue at full speed despite the hitches connected to the sanitary emergency occurring all over the world and that in Liberia lead to a completed work stop in April, a gradual but limited resume of the activities in May and a full speed recovery in June.
As you know, the project foresees the construction of a hangar at the James Spriggs Payne Airport in Monrovia and it includes the creation of the hangar to be used as aircraft workshop and a covered area to be used as office. The hangar, as well as part of the apron, will be covered by a structure made of metal carpentry, which has already been partially installed by our specialized workers. Metal carpentry works have always represented one of the strong points of CESAF LIBERIA Ltd.
Apart from the high professionalism we demonstrated with the installation of the metal carpentry, we would like to point out another flagship of this important project: the hangar's covering will be clad with solar panels. Apart from the power provided by the generator, they will guarantee a further power source to support the activities that will be carried out in the building.
As you can see from the images below, CESAF LIBERIA is currently completing the construction of the indoor and outdoor aprons, installing the metal covering of the hangar and construction of the generator house.
We are extremely proud of cooperating in this important project, especially considering the humanitarian role MAF has for the Liberian community, and the African one more widely, during such a delicate moment due to the sanitary emergency currently going on in the entire globe.
We are convinced that this project, that has a great importance from several points of view, will be completed within the forecasted times and it will provide great benefits for everybody and above all, this project will mark a revival following this great challenge that the entire world is currently facing.